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What is eir Sport?

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How many devices can I watch eir Sport on?

Will I run up a high data bill?

Watching eir Sport

How can I watch eir Sport?

Can I avail of eir Sport on my Sky box?

Are there any restrictions watching eir Sport?

Which eir Sport app should I use?

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What counts as a "registered device" when using eir Sport?

Parental Control settings

Are Parental Controls available with eir Sport?

How do I change my eir Sport PIN?

How do I reset my eir Sport PIN?


I am experiencing some video buffering?

I have registered an incorrect device but I can’t change it?

Can I use watch eir Sport on rooted Android devices / Jailbroken Apple devices / Android TV Boxes?

How do I change my password used to login to the eir Sport App?

I can't login to the eir Sport app?

Why can’t I see a particular programme on the eir Sport app?

eir Sport won't work on my browser?

When I switch from my home WiFi to 3G or 4G an error is displayed?


What do I need to enable Chromecast on the eir Sport App?

Step by step guide to setting up your Chromecast

How will I know if I can cast with the eir Sport App?

Who can avail of Chromecast on the eir Sport app?

What channels can I cast from the eir Sport App?

I already have the eir Sport App installed on my phone or tablet, how do I ensure I have the latest version that supports Chromecast?

What platforms does eir Sport support Chromecast on?

Is Chromecast available on the eir Sport Just Mobile (Red) App?

I’m an eir Mobile/Meteor customer – Does Casting impact my data usage?

How does Chromecast impact my WiFi usage?

I have setup my Chromecast device but the app is not giving me an option to cast – What should I do?